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Big Data & Climate Modeling Projects

A Data-Driven Tracking Tool for Enhancing Agricultural Climate Change Resilience

Cornell’s Proposal to the World Bank Big Data Innovation Challenge, under the direction of Dr. Ariel Ortitz-Bobea, from the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, was chosen as one of Eight Honorable Mention Winners by the World Bank (January 2017).

We are currently developing a robust predictive system of agricultural production and climate resilience by harnessing and synthesizing a wealth of global datasets from multiple public sources and scales. Our global scale statistical model estimates the varying sensitivity of individual crops to shifts in weather conditions throughout their growing seasons. Harnessing global datasets for each crop and country, the model can provide: 1) near real-time forecasts of crop yields before the end of the season; 2) measures of agricultural resilience to extreme weather events; and 3) projections of crop yield losses under alternative climate change scenarios.

Research Team

  • Dr. Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, Assistant Professor and CoBank/Farm Credit East Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow in Production Economics and Sustainability, Applied Economics and Management
  • Dr. Toby Ault, Assistant Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Dr. Arthur DeGaetano, Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and Director of the Northeast Regional Climate Center
  • Dr. Haoying Wang, Postdoctoral Associate, Applied Economics and Management
  • Erwin Knippenberg, Ph.D. student, Applied Economics and Management

Dissemination and Interface

  • Dr. Allison M. Chatrchyan, Director, Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions

For further Information, contact Project Director, Ariel Ortiz-Bobea.

Big Data and Climate Modeling Projects

The Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions is helping groups of Cornell researchers develop interdisciplinary, Big Data and Climate Modeling Projects that address climate change adaptation and mitigation, particularly in the agriculture and land use sectors. A core strength of these projects is our ability to engage stakeholders in our work, to ensure that these projects serve the needs of end users.

Recent projects include a complex land use modeling proposal submitted to the USDA AFRI Climate Change RFA, the development of Climate Smart Farming Decision Tools using climate and agricultural data and models with the Northeast Regional Climate Center, and a proposal to the World Bank Big Data Innovation Challenge (above). Contact Allison Chatrchyan or Art DeGaetano for further information.