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About the Institute

The Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions (CICSS) was established in September 2013 through a Special Directors Project (with Federal Formula Hatch Funds) from the Cornell University Agriculture Experiment Station. Since then, funding for the Institute has doubled, indicating the critical need for more integrated and interdisciplinary applied research and extension outreach to address the challenges, and opportunities, and impacts associated with human-induced climate change in the Northeast.

Focus Areas and Priority Initiatives

  1. Facilitate, Support, and Conduct Integrated Research, Teaching, and Extension Collaborations around Climate Change at Cornell
  2. Develop Tools, Best Management Practices, and Interactive Information Clearinghouses
  3. Support and Conduct Internal and External Education and Outreach
  4. Promote External Marketing and Partnerships
  5. Increase Funding for Climate Change related Research, Teaching and Outreach


The mission of the Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions (CICSS) is to:

  • Facilitate Research related to climate science and policy, environmental and agricultural systems, food security, and environmental and social resiliency.
  • Conduct Education & Outreach to stakeholders, decision makers and the public using trusted, science-based information to increase sustainability and resiliency to climate change.
  • Build Partnerships and engage stakeholders to share information and develop climate change solutions.


The Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions (CICSS) builds stakeholder capacity and works toward a future where agricultural, environmental, and social systems are resilient in the face of a rapidly changing climate and have reduced their impacts on the climate system.

Download the Fact Sheet about the Institute.